Lost beagle at risk of running onto Tanjong Pagar road subdued with dustbin cover by passers-by

The only way to deal with a skittish dog at 2am in the morning,

Belmont Lay | April 13, 2021, 03:07 AM

A beagle got lost in Tanjong Pagar in the early hours of Monday morning, April 12 -- only to be subdued by residents using their quick thinking and an ubiquitous green public dustbin cover.

The skittish and frightened canine with no leash on it had to be prevented from dashing across the road, and the only way that could be achieved at 2am in the morning was apparently via any means necessary.


With the dustbin cover hoisted over the dog to keep it safe from itself, the four-legged ball of fur and energy ended up being able to only stick its head out of a hole on the side of the dustbin cover.


According to at least one passer-by at the scene, the beagle was described as being "a bit aggressive".

Everton Park adventure

The bizarre incident of a furry escapee trying to make a run for it involved three passers-by, who spotted the dog at Block 3 Everton Park in Tanjong Pagar.

As the beagle tried to make a dash for the roads and into the path of oncoming traffic, the passers-by worked together to put the bin cover over the dog.

One of the passers-by subsequently found a makeshift leash, which they used to tie to the harness on the dog.

This was done after the dog was let out of its dustbin prison to allow it to move more freely on the ground.


The dog on the loose was then reported to the Animal Veterinary Service (AVS), not before it was given some water.

Waited for NParks personnel

One of the passers-by, Muhammad Hakim wrote on Facebook initially when the dog was found that he "cannot keep it at my house" and had called the authorities.

The passers-by then remained with the dog until AVS personnel showed up at the scene to take it in.

National Parks Board (NParks) officers dropped by to secure the dog at about 3:20am.

The dog was seen going into the carrier willingly by itself.


Dog had run off

According to a Facebook comment by the dog's owner, the beagle had ran off by itself and got lost.

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