Driver allegedly parks in front of King Albert Park Residences carpark gantry after denied entry, causing jam

A stand-off.

Syahindah Ishak | April 04, 2021, 10:50 PM

A man allegedly parked his car in front of King Albert Park Residences' carpark gantry, causing a traffic back-up, supposedly at around 11am on Saturday (April 3).

According to two videos seen by Mothership, provided by someone who claimed to have knowledge of the incident, the driver was confronted by another man who recorded a video of the encounter.

First video

The man taking the video can be heard confronting the driver, saying: "Just to let you know, we have already called the police. We have also called the management. You can solve it with them."

He added that the queue of cars was backed up onto the main road.

The driver responded "it's fine" and said that he had asked his own staff to come down to help.

The first man went on to say:

"You are affecting everyone's lives here. I hope you know you could have blocked this lane and let other residents past first before you settle with management and block there...but you choose to block everyone.

So I hope you know what you're doing. It's really immature, very childish, and very irresponsible. For a man your age, for a man your age, you should know better, okay?"

Second video

In the second video seen by Mothership, someone who appears to be a management staff from the residential side can be heard talking to the driver, and telling him that the residential carpark is only for residents.

The driver then claimed that he was allowed to park his car at the residential carpark by someone from "the management", if the mall section was full.

He said that he has been doing so for the past year, and has not experienced any issues.

He then said: "The management told me the last time that we could do it [...] Why am I allowed for the last few times to do that?"

However, he could not identify the staff who supposedly gave him permission to do so.

The man taking the video spoke up again, asking if the driver is a tenant of a shop in King Albert Park Mall. The driver said he was.

The video ends with the man pointing out that some cars have left the carpark, so there was space for the driver to leave and clear up the jam.

Traffic jam allegedly tailed back to Upper Bukit Timah Road

The Mothership contributor claimed that the driver was told that he could not enter the residential carpark after the shopping mall section was full.

He then supposedly parked his car in front of the gantry, causing a jam that supposedly went out onto the main road, along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

He added that the incident allegedly lasted for at least 30 minutes.

The video was also shared on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page on April 4, combined together, with some added captions of the alleged date, time, place and the driver's license plate number, along with the SG Road Vigilante watermark.

You can watch that video here.

Top screenshots from video by Mothership contributor.