Holland Close seafood eatery suspended indefinitely after gastroenteritis outbreak

MOH and SFA are investigating the outbreak.

Joshua Lee | April 21, 2021, 11:40 PM

Thai-style seafood eatery Kin Hoi has been instructed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to suspend its operations after a gastroenteritis outbreak affected 15 people.

The suspension took effect from April 20 and will last until further notice, while the Ministry of Health (MOH) and SFA investigate the outbreak.

All 15 people reported gastroenteritis symptoms after consuming food prepared at Kin Hoi between March 28 and April 15. One of the cases was hospitalised and has since been discharged.

MOH and SFA were notified of the most recent incident on April 19.

Ordered to clean and sanitise the premises, attend food safety course

Kin Hoi, which is registered to Meetup @ 352, is located at 6 Holland Close. It sells Thai-style seafood like shellfish and giant cockles.

Meetup @ 352 has been ordered to clean and sanitise the premises, including equipment and utensils. Its food handlers have to re-attend and pass the Food Safety Course Level 1, before they can resume work as food handlers.

Kin Hoi sells seafood like shellfish and cockles. Via Kin Hoi.

Kin Hoi also has a business partner, Kemono Pte Ltd, which provides food preparation and cooking services for former's online delivery orders in a separate facility.

Kemono has been ordered to disinfect food preparation surfaces and floors, and ensure good hygiene maintenance of wash basins at its facility.

Kemono has also been prohibited from preparing and serving all menu items, including online orders, to Kin Hoi.

Kin Hoi: "We are sorry and incredibly saddened by this incident"

Kin Hoi posted an update on Tuesday (April 20), informing customers that it is taking a short break "because we are working on giving you an even better seafood experience and raising our standards to an even greater level".

The eatery also issued an apology to customers in the comment section of the post, assuring them that it is working "closely and expeditiously" with the authorities:

"Hi everyone!

Our customers are the reason we exist and we want to extend our most sincere apology to those affected by this. We are sorry and incredibly saddened by this incident. Rest assured, we are working closely and expeditiously with the authorities to turn this around and continue giving you the seafood experience you deserve.

We want to thank all the well wishes and support we have received. We are doing our very best to make sure that our seafood experience will be even better than before.

We seek your kind understanding and patience at this time."

Top images vis Kin Hoi/Facebook.