Japan teen stabbed to death after allegedly asking car playing loud music to turn volume down

A knife that is suspected of being used as a weapon was found at the scene.

Matthias Ang | April 06, 2021, 03:19 PM

On March 27, an 18-year-old man in Japan, Jo Takamine, was stabbed to death after he shouted at a car for playing loud music in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japanese media Soranews24 reported.

According to Tokyo Shimbun, the incident happened at around 4.05am in the morning, with his death confirmed about 1.5 hours later in the hospital where he was taken.

Three men are suspected to be involved in his death, with the police investigating the matter on charges of murder.

What happened?

According to the police, Takamine had been walking on the sidewalk of a prefectural road with a friend, when a car drove past them blasting loud music.

In response, Takamine had allegedly yelled at the car, calling it "noisy", with Japan Today reporting that he had asked the driver to turn the volume down.

The car then turned back, with three men emerging from the car. A quarrel then ensued and quickly escalated into an assault, with two of the men attacking Takamine, resulting in the 18-year-old being stabbed multiple times in the back.

No injuries were reported for Takamine's friend.

Afterwards, the three men reportedly fled the scene in their car by driving in the direction of Fujisawa City.

A knife suspected of being used as a weapon was also found at the scene.

Incident occurred in a residential area with shops

Japanese media further reported that the incident took place in a residential area with stores, about 500 metres south of the Shonan-Fukasawa Station on the Shonan Monorail Enoshima Line.

A 60-year-old resident who was interviewed by Tokyo Shimbun has since voiced his concern about a similar incident happening to him given the quietness of the place at night.

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