Railway worker in India saves boy who fell onto path of oncoming train at last second

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Jason Fan | April 21, 2021, 05:57 PM

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A railway worker in India was given a 50,000 rupee (S$880) reward, after risking his life to save a six-year-old boy from being run over by a train.

The incident took place at Vangani railway station, near Mumbai.

The boy's mother was partially blind

According to CCTV footage released by India's Ministry of Railways, a woman was seen shouting for help after her son had slipped onto the railway track.

The woman, who is partially blind, was unable to rescue her son, according to CNN.

Railway worker to the rescue

When 30-year-old Mayur Shelke saw a train approaching, he immediately sprinted to the child to assist him.

The railroad employee managed to lift the child onto the platform, and climbed to safety himself, seconds before the train would have hit both of them.

His heroic act was praised by India's Ministry of Railways, who said that they saluted his "exemplary courage and utmost devotion to the duty".

Shelke downplayed his heroic act, telling Times of India that he did in fact hesitate for a second.

However, he said that he made up his mind to rush towards the boy immediately, in order to rescue him before the train arrived.

Top image via Ministry of Railways India/Twitter.