Car on S'pore road thrown into air, tyres blown after gas pipe cover pops off underneath it

The car was subsequently towed away.

Ashley Tan | April 13, 2021, 04:45 PM

A car was suddenly thrown into the air while travelling at high speed along a road in Singapore after a gas pipe cover popped unexpectedly underneath it.

The incident was caught on dashcam footage and posted to Facebook on April 12.

What the video showed

The short video showed a white car travelling on the left-most lane.

The cover of a gas pipe beneath the road was seen to have popped off just as the car was driving over it.

The cover appeared to strike the underside of the car, throwing the vehicle upwards.

The force of the impact caused the car to bounce off the road violently, and it appeared that both the car's rear tyres were blown out as a result.

Video from Singapore Road Accident / FB

The car subsequently came to a stop at the side of the road.

According to Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, the car was subsequently towed away.

Gas pipe cap popped off

The culprit of the bizarre incident appeared to be a rectangular metal gas cap that was left behind on the road.

Photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB

Photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB

The gas cap was supposedly secured over the gas pipe below in the road.

Photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB

The cap has the words "PGAS" on it, which stands for PowerGas.

PowerGas owns and operates all gas pipelines in Singapore, and transports both town gas and natural gas.

In response to Mothership's queries, SP Group, which PowerGas is a subsidiary of, said that they are investigating the incident.

In the comments section of the video, one user who is a taxi driver, revealed that he came across a similar incident in 2020.

He shared in a 2020 post that his tyre was punctured by the sharp edge of a broken fragment of the gas pipe cover.

Photo from Willy Tan / FB

Top photo from Singapore Road Accident / FB and SG Road Vigilante / FB