Christopher Lee rescued by taxi driver upon release from prison, after reporters prevented friends from picking him up

Quick escape.

Karen Lui | April 30, 2021, 03:16 PM

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To end the show with a bang, producers of "The Inner Circle" have invited A-lister Christopher Lee as their final guest.

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Rescued from reporters by taxi driver

In a segment where Lee's buddy, Brandon Wong, made a special appearance via video call, Guo alluded to Lee's hit-and-run road incident in 2006.

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Wong shared an amusing tidbit about their reunion after "the matter was resolved."

"We were going to pick him up [from prison] but we encountered some obstacles," Wong said with a chuckle, "Christopher made history and allowed us to experience the power of Singapore's paparazzi."

"At the entrance where we planned to pick him up, there was a throng of reporters," Wong explained, to which Guo likened to a scene in the movies.

Wong said that he and their group of buddies had considered sneakily picking Lee up.

Their plan was to smuggle Lee into one of their cars, so that reporters would not be able to guess where Lee was. 

However, their plan was foiled by the reporters, leaving Lee stranded outside the compound.

As the news clip of Lee leaving prison played in the background, the 49-year-old disclosed that he remained calm as he tried looking for someone familiar who may be there to pick him up, but to no avail.

Despite the fervent questioning by the reporters, Lee did not wish to give any statement.

He then revealed that he made his escape via a taxi that happened to be driving in.

"The moment I boarded, I told the uncle who I was. [He said,] 'I know, no worries, I'll send you out.'"

Lee felt incredibly moved by the taxi driver, who even offered to take Lee to reunite with his friends and family.

Wong then took the opportunity to ask Lee if he had wondered where his buddies and manager had gone.

Affirming his deep trust in his buddies, Lee replied, "As we were close, I never thought like that. I just thought, "'Did those rascals get the time wrong?'"

Witnessing Fann's wrath

Following Wong, Lee's wife, Fann Wong, appeared in person as the next special guest with their six-year-old son, Zed Lee.

Towards the end, Guo asked the couple was if they quarrelled — the same question that he asked Fann without Lee's presence during her episode. 

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"We quarrelled," Chris said, "but we seldom do so now. We quarrelled really badly in the first few years."

Unabashed, Fann chimed in that they quarrelled about everything, to which Lee agreed.

He explained that "both their tempers are not to be trifled with."

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When probed for more details about how fierce can she be, Fann skirted around the question by saying, "Only a very lucky person can witness it," with a smile.

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