Long grey 'caterpillar' seen in S'pore is in fact shrews scurrying nose-to-tail along pavement

That's how they travel in a group.

Jane Zhang | April 08, 2021, 02:08 PM

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What would you do if you saw something that looked like a large, fuzzy caterpillar running along the pavement at 5:30am?

For one woman in Singapore, she took a video of the strange sight, and later found out that it was actually a group of shrews, also known as a whisker of shrews.

"What is this?"

TikTok user Sherry W (@sherrified) posted the video of the shrews on TikTok on Wednesday (Apr. 8), which she said she thought had looked like a furry caterpillar from afar.

In the video, she could be heard wondering incredulously, "What is this?", as she filmed the line of four shrews scurrying along the pavement.

Gif via TikTok / @sherrified.

Gif via TikTok / @sherrified.

Sherry said in a comment on the TikTok that she had spotted the whisker of shrews at about 5:30am.

Create a line because of poor eyesight

Shrews travel in this fashion because they have poor eyesight, and are nearly blind as babies, according to National Geographic.

In order to move around, the mother heads the line, with her babies behind her, each biting the base of the tail of the shrew in front of it.

You can watch the full video on TikTok, where it has garnered more than 400,000 views, or here:

Top photos via TikTok / @sherrified.