Cycling kid dashes across road at Tampines, driver brakes hard to avoid collision


Tanya Ong | April 12, 2021, 10:39 AM

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It's always good to keep your eyes peeled when you're on the road.

For one driver, who was thankfully quite alert, they managed to brake in time to avoid knocking down a kid on a bicycle.

Via Roads.SG/FB

Dashed across the road

According to dashcam footage shared to, the kid dashed across the road seemingly without checking for vehicles.

The incident took place at Tampines Central 4, on April 10 (according to the dashcam timestamp).

Via Roads.SG/FB

The boy was seen stumbling slightly the moment he noticed the car, and braking to come to a stop in the middle of the road.

Via Roads.SG/FB

He then continued and went on his way.

Via Roads.SG/FB

There is no zebra crossing at the turning between Tampines Ave 4 and Tampines Central 4, only an informal crossing.

Photo via Google Streetview.

A few commenters on the video highlighted that the road is usually very "busy", and having a zebra crossing at the turning will result in a jam.

One person also said that those cycling across such a road should slow down and "be on the lookout".

According to the Road Traffic Act, every cyclist must stop and look out for oncoming traffic before using a crossing. At informal crossings, they must also give way to motor vehicles.

Informal crossings are not indicated by traffic signs, signals or road markings. However, some are identified by pavement refuges sited on one or both sides of a road.

The Facebook video:

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