Teen, 16, filmed naked boys at Sengkang Sports Complex toilet, had 58 obscene films on phones

All the obscene videos were of boys changing and coming out of cubicles.

Ashley Tan | March 16, 2021, 07:55 PM

A 16-year-old male teenager who filmed naked boys in the men's toilet in Singapore pleaded guilty on Mar. 16 to making obscene films.

The teen, who cannot be named under the Children and Young Persons Act as he is underage, was caught in the act in 2019, when he was 15 years old.

Filmed naked boys changing

A boy and his father visited the men's changing area at Sengkang Sports Complex on Oct. 19, 2019 after swimming lessons when the latter saw the teen pointing his phone at his son.

According to court documents seen by Mothership, the father confronted the teen and then went to get help from the sports complex staff, one of whom called the police.

When police arrived, they found 58 obscene films of naked boys changing, getting dressed and coming out of cubicles on the two phones the teen carried.

Some of the other videos found on his phones were filmed on a separate occasion on Sep. 22, 2019, also at Sengkang Sports Complex.

The teen pleaded guilty to 10 counts of making an obscene film.

Another 48 counts will be taken into consideration for sentencing, The Straits Times reported.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor urged the court to order a probation report as the accused is still relatively young and a first-time offender.

However, she also noted that the teen could be a serial offender due to the large number of obscene clips he had taken.

The teen will be sentenced on Apr. 27.

Top photo from Ah Chao / Google Maps