Ex-NUS Master's student hit mother's private parts with metal padlock, punched her in mouth

On multiple occasions, Koh's mother said she had suffered her injuries in a fall, so as not to implicate him.

Sulaiman Daud | March 17, 2021, 11:46 PM

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A former National University Singapore (NUS) Master's student began physically abusing his mother in 2017.

He starved her, forbade her from using the shower, and did not allow her to "make noise". At the time, he was 30 and she was 68.

Up till late 2020, Andy Koh Ju Hua also committed multiple physical assaults on his mother, which led to numerous injuries including a nasal bone fracture, excessive bruising, vaginal bleeding and multiple abrasions.

On March 16, Koh pleaded guilty to four counts of voluntarily causing hurt. The case will be heard on Mar. 23 for mitigation and sentencing, according to CNA.

 First charge - Used his knee to hit her private parts

In January 2018, while they were at home, Koh used his kneecap to hit his mother's vaginal area.

She called a relative for help, and was found by her niece and her niece's husband under another block.

Her niece asked her to call the police, but the victim told her not to do so. At Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the victim reported that she had fallen down and hurt herself so as to not implicate Koh.

A hospital medical report stated that she suffered extensive bruising over the lower abdomen and genitalia, among others, and scans showed that she suffered blunt trauma injuries.

Second charge - Hit her face

In December 2018, while they were at home, Koh used his hands to hit his mother on her face.

Third charge - Used metal padlock

Also in December 2018, Koh hooked a metal padlock around his finger, and swung it towards his mother's vaginal area, hitting her multiple times.

His mother did not retaliate and allowed Koh to "vent his frustration". She called her brother for help.

According to court documents:

"(Her brother) found her in an abused state, with her face swollen and bloodstains on her gown, around the crotch area."

A medical report stated that Koh's mother suffered injuries including bruises on her face and lip, a nasal bone fracture, multiple abrasions on her pubic area, and post-menopausal vaginal bleeding.

She was also noted to have anaemia, attributed to a vitamin B deficiency, post-menopausal vaginal bleeding and multiple bruises.

She was taken to Sengkang General Hospital. The hospital informed the police that Koh's mother was a victim of abuse.

However, she told the police that she sustained her injuries in a fall, so as not to implicate Koh.

Fourth charge - Punched her in the mouth

In June 2020, Koh's nephew called the police after she ran away to a relative's house.

They described her state as frail and dirty, according to The Straits Times (ST).

She finally told the doctors that her son had punched her and said she had pain in her lips and chin.

Police investigations found that Koh had punched his mother in the mouth three times.

A list of aggravating factors cited by the prosecution in court documents stated:

"Although the Accused has ultimately chosen to plead guilty, he had denied his offences to the police. IMH’s report stated that “he displays a complete lack of remorse”."

Wants to live "happily ever after"

CNA reported that Deputy Public Prosecutor Huang pointed out that Koh denied his offences to the police during the investigations.

She added that the "only one mitigating factor" is his mental condition as supported by the IMH report, although she did not specify what it was.

Koh told the court while asking for a Mandatory Treatment Order:

"I love my mother a lot and I do not know why I committed all those silly things to her. I need to undergo treatment to overcome my psychotic disorder.

I hope to undergo treatment and cure myself so that I can live happily ever after with my mother. She is not young anymore and I certainly wish to take care of her in her remaining days."

Huang is seeking at least 30 weeks in jail for Koh, saying that his attack with the padlock is "especially vicious and cruel".

She pointed out that the victim, his mother, is elderly and vulnerable.

ST reported that according to an NUS spokesperson, Koh went on a leave of absence from his graduate studies in August 2019.

But he did not return to his studies after his leave ended.

His candidature was terminated in January 2021.

Top image from FASS NUS's website.