18-year-old M'sian buys brand new Mustang for wife as wedding surprise

The car was purchased two days before the wedding without her knowledge.

Matthias Ang | Syahindah Ishak | March 16, 2021, 06:09 PM

A Malaysian woman has taken to TikTok to share her surprise when her husband presented her with a brand new Ford Mustang on the day of her wedding.

Overwhelmed with emotions on sight of car at wedding

On Feb. 19, TikTok user Yuni (@ayunieso24) shared a video in which she was visibly overwhelmed with emotions at the sight of the gift during the wedding.

According to her caption, both of the newlyweds are 18 years of age. She said:

"Thank you husband for surprising me with a Mustang on our wedding day, even though we're only 18! I'll share more about how we got to where we are now at a later date."

In the video, Yuni can be seen being blindfolded while she was led out of the house by her close friends and family at the wedding.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

She was then received by her husband on the street outside, who removed the blindfold to show her the car, much to her surprise.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

Overjoyed, Yuni hugged her husband, and the latter proceeded to bring her to the passenger side of the car, before opening the left door for her to get in.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

The video then ended with Yuni also giving the car a hug.

How did they afford it?

Yuni subsequently put up a second video on Feb. 20 in which she claimed that in just over two weeks prior to the wedding, the couple "could only dream" of buying a second-hand Perodua Myvi car.

According to her, the couple's savings were only enough for the solemnisation of their wedding.

In addition, they had to borrow their family's vehicles whenever they needed them as they were without a car or motorcycle.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

Things took a dramatic change once they met a "sifu"

Yuni adds that their fortunes took a drastic turn for the better however, when they met a "sifu."

Under the guidance of this "sifu" (who did not wish to be named in the video), they purportedly found success in selling 30,000 Vitamilk products, with sales apparently reaching a whopping million.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

As such, three days before their wedding, Yuni's then-fiancé brought her to a car shop to test-drive a Mustang, a car which she never thought she could ever purchase.

He proceeded to buy the Mustang the next day -- without her knowledge -- and apparently paid for it in cash.

Gif of video from ayunieso24 TikTok

Yuni then concluded her video with the following message:

"Praise be to God, yesterday (19/2/2020), we became husband and wife at 18 years old. And now, at 18 years old and on the day of our wedding, we have a Mustang.

Here's my advice for you guys, don't be afraid to get married early. More good fortune will come your way when you get married early, with God's will."

Top image collage via ayunieso24/TikTok