These 5 everyday, overlooked actions are actually making you lose money

Absolutely unnecessary.

| Kayla Wong | Sponsored | March 10, 2021, 07:26 PM

Most of us like to think we are prudent with money.

We save a certain amount of our salary each month, try to go for discounted items when we see them, and pat ourselves on the back for managing not to splurge on an item that we absolutely do not need.

But despite our best efforts, sometimes we might still let a bit of money slip through our fingers. While that might be unavoidable at times, you don’t have to let your hard-earned money go to waste all the time if you know what you’re looking out for.

Here are some ways you’re wasting money without even realising it.

1. Buying groceries while you are hungry

We buy things on impulse.

Whether it’s during the retail therapy trip you sorely needed after having a stressful week, or the absolutely aesthetic-looking decorative piece to add on to your visually pleasing but otherwise useless collection of baubles, it’s hard to resist.

But once the rush of purchasing something ebbs away, you might be left feeling empty when you realised you just bought something you didn’t need, as well as an even emptier wallet.

The same goes for grocery shopping.

Studies have shown that not only do we tend to buy more food at the supermarket when we’re shopping on an empty stomach, we tend to spend more on non-food items too.

And the things we spend on are not even what we would typically get if we’re shopping on a full stomach (or a more rational mind).

Not a good habit to have if shopping is one of your favourite past-times.

2. Being disorganised

Unless you’re a clean freak who needs to have everything neatly in place, chances are that you are not that organised when it comes to your things.

That’s why you might forget where you last placed certain things and find yourself scrambling to find them whenever you need them again, whether it’s your keys, mobile phone or that portable charger that you only use occasionally.

But you’re not alone. Minor memory lapses are normal for everyone regardless of age.

If you’re able to find that elusive item, good for you. But if you can’t find it no matter how hard you look, you might have to buy the same product to replace it, especially if you have to use it again in the future.

Tough luck if the original item reappears in a hidden corner of your room after that. Now you have two of the same item, and less money in your pocket.

That wouldn’t have happened if you were organised, and left things where they should be so you could avoid misplacing them.

3. Not cancelling your trial subscription to a mobile app

We often subscribe to a free trial when we download a new app. But once the trial period expires, the app will start charging us a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

If you’re disciplined enough and remember to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, that’s good. But if you are busy with work and other social obligations, you might overlook your subscription, which would continue running up a tab on your credit card.

By the time you realise it, you would not be able to cancel the subscription for the purchase was already made. To make matters worse, you haven’t really used the app at all for the time when you were subscribed to its service.

A way to prevent this is to immediately cancel your subscription after you download the app and start the trial period. You would still be able to use the app for the duration of the trial. But this is only if you don’t plan on continuing to use the app.

Or you can set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

4. Not taking the time to look out for the best deals

Before purchasing an item, take a bit of time to check out various platforms to see if the price is cheaper, or if there are additional vouchers or free gifts you can get.

If you simply buy the item at the first place you see it, without at least comparing it elsewhere and see if you can get a better deal, you are unintentionally wasting money on a purchase that could have been cheaper or come with more add-ons.

But of course, the same goes for the opposite too. Don’t feel like you have to get something if it’s on sale with an irresistible offer, especially if it’s an item that you don’t even use. Even if it’s S$1, it is still a waste of money if you simply leave it lying around your home without using it.

5. Not switching to an electricity retailer

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This sponsored piece by Geneco makes the writer wish she was more organised.

Top image by Kayla Wong