Electrolux launches new range of air purifiers that do not look like air purifiers


| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | March 11, 2021, 06:52 PM

Electrolux has recently launched the Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier, promising cleaner air in homes while achieving a powerful yet smooth air circulation.

Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier

Boasting an appearance similar to that of a stylishly designed speaker, the most noticeable feature of the Pure A9 Air Purifier is that it is compact yet modern, and does not look like your typical air purifier.

It also comes in two sizes:

  1. PA91-406GY: 315 x 590 x 315mm (S$1,099)
  2. PA91-606DG: 315 x 750 x 315mm (S$1,699)

From left to right: PA91-406GY and PA91-606DG

Here are some of its key features:

Air Surround System

The Pure A9 Air Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR*) of up to four times higher than previous Electrolux models.

*CADR is the volume of 100 per cent clean air (free of particles of a given size) delivered by an air purifier every hour.

360 SMART Filter with 5 Stages of Air Purification

The PA91-606DG

It also comes with a 360 SMART Filter that reduces up to 99.99 per cent of bacteria and virus (including H1N1) at nano level.

Here are its five stages of air purification:

  1. Pre-filter: big particles filtration
  2. Antibacterial coating: bacterial elimination
  3. HEPA13: fine particles filtration
  4. Active Carbon: gas filtration
  5. Ioniser: reduce viruses

On top of this, each PURE A9 360 filter is equipped with a smart tag to measure the fine particles and keep track of the remaining filter life.

An accompanying mobile app - the Electrolux Wellbeing app - will also indicate when it is time to replace the filter (but more on the app later).

Touch screen display, night mode, low noise design and more

Besides these features, the Pure A9 Air Purifier also comes with:

  • Touch screen display for ease of use
  • Built in light sensors that automatically detect indoor light brightness
  • A low noise design that ensures quietness at all times
  • A Pure Sense System that can monitor indoor air quality in real time and automatically supply purified air everywhere
  • The Electrolux Wellbeing app, which provides air quality index and hourly/daily records

The PA91-406GY

The Electrolux Wellbeing app, in particular, can be used to freely control the Pure A9’s power or switch to smart, manual or sleep modes.

The app also uses location-based services to inform you about how certain external factors might improve or diminish internal air quality and provides you with specific information about the polluting materials that were successfully removed.

Do note that usage of the Pure A9 can be tailored either remotely via the app or directly on the machine.

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Electrolux Flow A4 Air Purifier

Alternatively, those who are looking to get something a little more budget-friendly can consider purchasing the Electrolux Flow A4 Air Purifier instead.

Like the Pure A9 Air Purifier, the Flow A4 Air Purifier comes in two sizes:

  1. FA31-202GY: 240 x 380 x 240mm (S$399)
  2. FA41-402GY: 320 x 580 x 320mm (S$599)

From left to right: FA31-202GY and FA41-402GY

It also has a 360 degree, three-stage filtration system - the Clean Care Filter - with a combination of:

  1. Big particle filtration
  2. An anti-bacterial coating
  3. A highly porous gas filtration layer

Ultimately, the Clean Care Filter is designed to capture and effectively reduce exposure to harmful micro-particles and odours that circulate in the air and might cause damage to the human respiratory system.

The Flow A4 also uses laser particle sensors to assess the presence of different sized particles and impurities in the air that need to be removed, automatically adjusting fan speeds as conditions change.

This means that you can enjoy cleaner air without worrying about having to adjust your settings. Nice.

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Top image via Electrolux