Popular Japanese app Crabhouse forced to change its name

The app invited users into a virtual room and gave them fun facts about crabs.

Andrew Koay | March 15, 2021, 12:50 PM

A popular Japanese app has been forced to change its name after the powers that be deemed it too similar to another app making waves.

The apps in question? Crabhouse and Clubhouse.

In a Feb. 7 tweet, a developer by the name of Gai, said that as he didn't know how to use Clubhouse, he decided to create Crabhouse; it was a three-day undertaking.

The app — which invites users into a digital room filled with crabs and gives users bite-sized information about different crustaceans — quickly gained traction.

Screenshot of Crabhome Image from @Kamibukuro18 Twitter account

Sora News 24 reported that it had garnered over 150,000 downloads, while reviews for the app have been overwhelmingly positive.

However, Crabhouse's rise was halted with Gai tweeting on Feb. 22 that his latest update to the app had been rejected.

The reason given to him? The name of his hit new app was confusing.

While the difference in the names aren't too subtle in English, Sora News explained that in Japanese katakana, the names were identical.

Initially Gai clamped down on his original name, and refused to let it go.

He eventually relented and changed the app's name after fearing user experience would suffer without proper updates.

If you happen to be able to access the Japanese Apple Appstore, you may now find it under the name Crabhome.

Screenshot of Crabhome. Image screenshot from App Store.

Top image from @Kouta2's Twitter account