Contactless detection of TraceTogether token & app in selected venues from Apr. 19

Simplified check-in soon.

Ashley Tan | Jane Zhang | March 16, 2021, 11:08 AM

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It's been more than 10 months of scanning SafeEntry QR codes since the system was rolled out in May 2020.

Soon, a new contactless detection of the TraceTogether token and app will be rolled out.

SafeEntry Gateway for contactless TraceTogether check-in

The new SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW), developed by GovTech, allows for contactless detection of both the app and the token.

TraceTogether users need to bring their TraceTogether token or phone with the TraceTogether app within 25cm of the SEGW for contactless check-in.

For venues that use a physical SEGW box, the box will emit a green light and beep upon successful check-in.

For venues that use SafeEntry (Business) app, a successful check-in will result in the app showing a green screen.

Photo by Ashley Tan.

The SEGW will also help check that the TraceTogether token's battery has not run out.

Token replacement stations will be set up at some of the venues with SEGW, so that TraceTogether tokens found to not be functioning correctly can be replaced quickly.

Selected venues starting from Apr. 19

Starting from Apr. 19, selected venues with high visitorship will be required to deploy SEGW.

Here is the full list of venues that will be required to deploy SEGW:

  • Malls
  • Large retail outlets
  • Selected popular wet markets (such as Geylang Serai Market and Chong Pang Market)
  • Supermarkets
  • Public libraries
  • Selected museums, heritage institutions, and galleries
  • Cinemas
  • Gated tourist attractions
  • Hotels or convention centres hosting events with more than 100 participants
  • Places of worship, with worship services for more than 100 people
  • Public and private hospitals, national specialty centres, community hospitals, and polyclinics
  • Funeral parlours with wake halls

In addition, existing modes of SafeEntry check-in, such as scanning the QR code using a phone or scanning an IC, will continue to be in place at these venues.

Older phone models that may not work well with SEGW can continue to use these existing modes to check-in.

The SEGW has been trialling at Downtown East since Oct. 2020, and at NEX since Feb. 15.

SEGW at Nex. Photo by Ashley Tan.

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Top photos via Ashley Tan.