Sugarbook founder re-arrested over case involving prostitution & rape

A second request to have him remanded for seven days has been granted.

Matthias Ang | February 19, 2021, 01:46 PM

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The founder of sugar daddy dating platform Sugarbook has been re-arrested over a case involving prostitution and rape, Malaysian media reported.

Original request for Chan's remand was rejected

The second arrest follows the Shah Alam High Court's rejection of an initial police request to have 34-year-old Darren Chan remanded for an investigation over charges of prostitution and improper use of network services pertaining to Sugarbook.

The rejection by the court was done on the grounds that Chan had agreed to give his full cooperation to the police investigation, according to The Malay Mail.

Arrested again after a female student's police report, put in remand

According to New Straits Times, Chan was then re-arrested on Feb. 19 after a female university student filed a police report over an incident that happened two years ago in 2019, the Chief of Selangor Criminal Investigation Department, Fadzil Ahmat, explained.

Following this, the Shah Alam High Court granted the police a seven-day remand for Chan.

Chan claims that being handcuffed causes him pain

In response, Chan's lawyer, T. Shashi Devan, replied that his client is ready to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Shashi also highlighted that Chan experiences severe pain when handcuffed as a result of a "prior shoulder injury."

In agreeing with Shashi that some leeway should be provided for the need to handcuff Chan, the High Court judge said:

"It is the police's prerogative whether to handcuff or not but I question its necessity. I'm sure we can try to avoid aggravating him further so please take that into consideration. Apart from that, do allow him to change his clothes."

Sugarbook accessible despite ban

The platform remains accessible in Malaysia despite a ban being put in place by Malaysia's Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) however.

According to an email sent to users of the app, the site can be accessed under the name Sucrebook.

The platform has previously said that it has over 400,000 active members on its platform, of which 220,000 are sugar babies, 180,000 are sugar daddies and 6,000 are sugar mummies.

Here's why the platform has caused a stir

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