Woman in S'pore helps unconscious GrabFood delivery driver despite being called a busybody

She called for an ambulance and waited till it came.

Lean Jinghui | February 28, 2021, 11:14 AM

A GrabFood delivery driver was spotted curled up and unconscious on the floor on Feb. 26.

A member of the public had come across the scene after alighting at the bus stop near her home.

Called a busybody

According to the Facebook post by Lily Ng, two other men were present at the scene, but reportedly did not check on the delivery personnel.

Ng observed that the passers-by tended to "just walk [past] him".

She then tried to wake the unconscious GrabFood delivery driver and when he did not respond, attempted to ascertain that he was alive by pressing on his stomach.

Ng explained that she avoided his face due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Image via Lily Ng Facebook

Image via Lily Ng Facebook

However, when she attempted to approach someone to help in calling the ambulance, no one appeared willing to come forward to provide assistance.

Ng wrote:

"I approached someone help to call ambulance but unfortunately and very sad no one willing to help. And one of the man (sic) told me don't be busybody because now is Covid-19 pandemic."

Ng proceeded to call for an ambulance on her own.

She also sat down to wait for the ambulance to arrive, to ensure the delivery driver's safety before leaving the scene.

Image via Lily Ng Facebook

Image via Lily Ng Facebook

In a follow-up comment, Ng said that the delivery personnel's blood pressure was reported to be very low when paramedics checked on him, but she did not follow-up after he was sent to the hospital.

"Help each other"

Ng explained in her post that while she understood the panic during the pandemic period, one could always call an ambulance from a distance.

She appealed for more compassion to be shown in such scenarios:

Every second count[s] and you never know just one call can save a person's life.

All this GrabFood delivery man, they are risking their lives too to deliver food to our table and bring back money to support their family. I hope through this message everyone in Singapore will do your part [to] be united and be more compassionate to help each other.

Top image via Lily Ng's Facebook