Couple in China leaves 5-year-old son behind after finishing divorce paperwork


Tanya Ong | February 25, 2021, 04:32 PM

A couple left their son behind at a marriage registry in Liuzhou, China.

They went to take care of the divorce paperwork on Feb. 23, according to The Paper, and left separately.

Their five-year-old son, who was at the venue with them, was later found alone at the main hall.

Photo via The Paper.

The Chinese paper reported that the child, not being able to find his parents, was bawling and yelling: "I want my mum!"

He had with him a phone given to him by his father, which they used to establish contact with the father.

It was later discovered that the father had left the county and was unable to return immediately. Police officers then took the boy back to the police station while waiting.

According to People's Daily Newspaper on Weibo, the boy also asked police officers: "Was my mum taken away by you?"

Photo via The Paper.

Eventually, when the boy's father rushed back to the station, the boy ran up to him.

Their reunion was captured in a photo snapped right as they embraced, with the father reportedly in tears.

Photo via The Paper.

Top photo via The Paper.