Royal Caribbean cruise returns 7 hours early after passenger falls sick at sea

The medical emergency was non-Covid-19 related.

Lean Jinghui | January 21, 2021, 10:01 PM

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The Royal Caribbean's 'Quantum of the Seas' cruise has been forced to turn back early again.

Passenger fell sick

Passengers on the cruise-to-nowhere had their trip cut short this time due to a fellow passenger who had fallen ill at sea. A Royal Caribbean spokesperson told Zaobao that it was confirmed to be a medical emergency.

The cruise ended up docking seven hours early on Jan. 20.

It had been scheduled to arrive back in Singapore at 6am on Jan. 21.

Passengers on board said while the ship docked early, passengers were given the option to spend the night on the ship before disembarking as planned on Jan. 21.

Emergency unrelated to Covid-19

According to the spokesperson, the medical emergency was unrelated to Covid-19.

A ship-wide announcement made at 8pm on Jan. 20 explained the decision to passengers, and provided reassurance that it was not coronavirus-related.

The guest was immediately sent to the hospital upon arrival in Singapore.

The Royal Caribbean has been haunted by early turnarounds for their cruises-to-nowhere.

Dec. 9 last year saw a Covid-19 scare, which cut short the cruise after a 83-year-old man was found to have tested positive for Covid-19 while onboard.

The case was found to be a false positive later on, when the man tested negative for the virus via subsequent tests.

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Top image via Royal Caribbean Facebook