Bedok resident seeks help to find missing 10-year-old Pomeranian called 'Zeem Zeem'

Return home soon, Zeem Zeem.

Karen Lui | January 28, 2021, 06:18 PM

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UPDATE: Zeem Zeem has been found and returned to his owner.

A pet Pomeranian ran away from its home in the morning of Jan. 27 and has yet to be found.

On Jan. 27, pet owner Andria Tan posted a missing advertisement for her dog Zeem Zeem on Facebook at 6:02pm.

Zeem Zeem responds to his name

Photo by Andria Tan

    • Zeem Zeem
    • Orange Pomeranian
    • 10 years old
    • Size of a bunny
    • Often seen with his tongue out
    • Responds to the name Zeem Zeem
    • Last seen at Jalan Kathi/Bedok Road

Photo by Andria Tan

How he escaped

According to Tan, Zeem Zeem was not able to go down staircases due to his tiny legs.

However, he somehow figured out how to do it and went down the stairs in front of the main door.

He made his escape by sneaking out through the bottom of the gate.

Photo by Andria Tan

No leads yet

Tan shared that her neighbour's kid saw him at the estate at around 3pm on Jan. 27.

At the time of writing, no one else has come forward with any leads.

Photo by Andria Tan

Can't find Zeem Zeem in the estate

When contacted by Mothership, Tan disclosed, "We have walked multiple times around the estate but to no avail."

Do keep a lookout for Zeem Zeem and contact Tan at 9478 1995 if you have any leads on his whereabouts.

Photo by Andria Tan

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Top images by Andria Tan.