British court finds teen, 15, who beat up S'porean student guilty of 'racially motivated' attack

Racially motivated.

Lean Jinghui | January 05, 2021, 03:48 PM

The verdict is out.

On Monday, January 4th 2021, the Highbury Corner Youth Court ruled that a 15-year-old teen, who had been part of a group attacking Singaporean student, Jonathan Mok, in London late February last year, was guilty of a racist act.

The teen was charged with wounding or causing grievous bodily harm without intent.

"Unprovoked and racially motivated"

According to BBC, Chairman of the Bench Lesley Ward confirmed that the attack was "unprovoked and racially motivated".

While the teen had admitted to punching and kicking Mok, he had previously denied any charges of saying "I don't want your coronavirus in my country" nor having any racist slant.

This is contrary to CCTV footage and eye-witness reports.

Says Bench of her decision:

"Given the number of witnesses and your proximity to the incident, we feel it's not plausible that you missed the racist term being used and it's therefore difficult to believe your version of events."

Sentencing within the month

The teen is expected to be sentenced on January 27, his actions considered a hate crime. In the UK, this could mean a heavier sentencing because it was also a racially aggravated assault.

The London Metropolitan Police previously released another 16-year-old boy connected to the assault. The other teens thought to be part of the attack were not identified.

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Top photo via Jonathan Mok/FB