Mamee M'sia & Tealive has limited-edition instant cup noodles with boba from S$6.53 for bundle of 4


Fasiha Nazren | January 11, 2021, 05:51 PM

Bubble tea and instant noodles make a good pair as a snack.

Having them together, however, is debatable.

Boba instant noodles

Recently, instant noodle brand Mamee collaborated with bubble tea chain Tealive to come up with the unthinkable: Boba instant cup noodles.

Called the Mi Goreng Boba, it is essentially fried instant noodles topped with tapioca pearls, also known as boba.

This is what it looks like:

Each cup of noodles comes with:

  • Seasoning
  • Crispy bits
  • Sweet soy sauce
  • Chilli sauce
  • Boba

Photo from @ryotahachino on Twitter.

According to a review from World of Buzz, the noodles have a sweet and sour flavour with a hint of boba milk tea.

The Mi Goreng Boba is available in the following bundles:

  • Four cups: RM19.90 (S$6.53)
  • Eight cups: RM38.90 (S$12.77)
  • 24 cups: RM109.90 (S$36.08)

Soupy version

It seems like this isn't the first time that the bubble tea chain has collaborated with Mamee.

In Oct. 2020, they launched the Spicy Mi Boba.

Photo from @wander.sher on Instagram.

The Spicy Mi Boba is a soup-based instant noodle with milk tea as the soup.

Here's what you can find in each cup of noodles:

  • "Tastea" seasoning
  • Creamer
  • Tapioca pearls
  • Fork
  • Straw

Photo from @nubu515 on Instagram.

    Here's an unfiltered look at the soupy snack.

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    Photo from @suemarcel on Instagram.

    Oddly enough, the Spicy Mi Boba can be eaten hot and cold, whichever suits your fancy.

    It is still available on Tealive's online store at the following prices:

    • Three cups: RM15.90 (S$5.22)
    • Six cups: RM29.90 (S$9.82)
    • 24 cups: RM99.90 (S$32.80)

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    Top image from @ryotahachino on Twitter.