Indonesian socialite books entire flight to Bali as he was 'super paranoid' about Covid-19


Lean Jinghui | January 11, 2021, 03:59 PM

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Indonesian socialite Richard Muljadi recently made headlines when he allegedly booked an entire flight to Bali, for fear of contracting the coronavirus while in transit.

"We ain't flying unless it's just us"

According to Coconuts Bali, Muljadi said in a series of Instagram stories on January 4 that him and his wife were "super paranoid" about Covid-19, so they had to "make sure no one else" was on the flight.

While his Instagram is currently set to private, Muljadi's stories, which show off the flight’s empty seats on his uploads, have been circulating on Whatsapp. 

Image from Muljadi's Instagram via Coconuts

Muljadi is the grandson of pharmaceuticals magnate Kartini Muljadi, one Indonesia's 50 richest people in 2020, with a net worth of S$817 million.

He is notorious for his extravagant spending, including once buying a Mitsubishi Outlander for one of his dogs.

"Cheaper than chartering a private jet"

Muljadi even boasted that booking out the flight was more economical than charting a private jet.

“After I’d book as many seats as possible it was still cheaper than [chartering] a PJ. That’s the trick fellas. #lifehacks

According to Coconuts, based on plane capacity, Muljadi might have spent IDR75-110 million (~S$7-10k) on the entire flight. 

However, according to Detik, while Muljadi was indeed a passenger on Batik Air’s Jakarta-Denpasar flight, there had reportedly only been one booking code for two passengers. It is not known if Muljadi had made separate, additional bookings.

Top image via Muljadi's Instagram via Timesnow

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