S$168 CNY steamboat takeaway set for 4 pax has pen cai, abalone & scallops, includes free pot & burner

A festive meal.

Fasiha Nazren | January 22, 2021, 03:04 PM

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Steamboat dinners are something a lot of people look forward to every Chinese New Year.

Preparing the ingredients, however, is quite the opposite.

In case you don't have the time to prepare (or are just simply lazy) for the annual steamboat dinner, there are other alternatives including Happy Pot.

Happy Pot is a hotpot takeaway concept stall in Singapore.

Chinese New Year special

For the upcoming festive season, Happy Pot has launched some special Chinese New Year sets.

These sets include pen cai, a traditional Cantonese hotpot meal, and the usual hotpot and BBQ ingredients.

CNY Prosperity Pen Cai. Photo from Happy Pot.

CNY Prosperity Hotpot. Photo from Happy Pot.

CNY Prosperity BBQ. Photo from Happy Pot.

Here's a full list of items that you will get as part of the set:

  • CNY Prosperity Pen Cai: Live abalones, XL prawns, scallops, xiao bai cai, broccoli, oyster mushroom, dried shiitake, kanimi snow crab legs,  mock abalone, lobster balls, two shots of premium shaoxing wine
  • CNY Prosperity Hotpot and BBQ: Black pepper chicken slices, chicken leg slices, Kurobuta pork collar slices, pork belly slices, fish slices, XL prawns, squid rings, scallops, asari clams, xiao bai cai, potato, corn, enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, king oyster mushroom, crabstick, hotdog, fishball, cheese tofu, button mushroom, luncheon meat slices, quail eggs
  • Complimentary cooking utensils including BBQ plate, put and burner, no returns required.

As part of the hotpot, customers can also choose two soup bases from the following choices:

  • Volcano milk
  • Mala
  • Tomato
  • Tonkotsu
  • Laksa
  • Herbal chicken

Photo from Happy Pot.

From $29.80 per pax

The Chinese New Year sets are slightly more expensive than their usual sets, which typically start from S$19.90.

Here's how much the Chinese New Year sets cost:

  • CNY prosperity package (four pax): S$168 (S$42 per pax)
  • CNY prosperity package (six pax): S$208 (S$34.70 per pax)
  • CNY prosperity package (eight pax): S$238 (S$29.80 per pax)

As part of its promotion, Happy Pot will be providing free islandwide delivery for any CNY prosperity sets on Feb. 11 for the following timeslots: 12pm to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm.

Pre-orders for the CNY prosperity sets can be made online from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6, 2021.