Marine Parade hawker stall selling donburi from S$5.80, run by S’poreans in their 20s

New kid on the block.

Tanya Ong | January 21, 2021, 10:43 AM

Ask anybody living in the area of Marine Parade, and they'll be able to rattle off a list of popular stalls at Marine Parade Central Food Centre.

A new kid on the block, an "Asian fusion donburi specialist" that opened in late-2020, has generated some interest, though.

At 1pm on a weekday  -- well into lunchtime -- we noticed a steady stream of customers at Fukudon.

Photo by Tanya Ong.

Fukudon: Donburi in Marine Parade

Fukudon is run by two 25-year-old Singaporean men, Jonathan Khoo and Remus Seow.

Seow does everything from food preparation to cooking and taking orders, though he has a team of other workers (also in their 20s, we learn) who help out in the daily operations as well.

Their menu features a range of Japanese rice bowls and sides, and their donburi starts from S$5.80.

We tried the chicken breast oyakodon (S$5.80).

Now, if you're familiar with oyakodon, you would know it typically involves chunks of chicken thigh cooked in egg. But Fukudon's version, however, involves fried chicken breast.

What you get is fried chicken breast and a blanket of egg atop fluffy rice, with a generous sprinkle of chilli powder (and some spring onion) for garnishing.

Photo by Tanya Ong.

A closer look at it in case you aren't hungry yet:

Photo by Tanya Ong.

While I wished that there was more egg (I love egg), what impressed me was how tender and juicy the chicken breast was. Not at all dry.

The chilli powder also added a nice kick to the dish's flavour, which I appreciated.

If beef is more your thing, they also have a sukiyaki beef don topped with an onsen egg:

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And pork belly katsudon too:

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Other sides to share

The bowl is a decent portion, but if you're with friends (or are just plain ravenous), you can consider ordering some sides to share.

The stall has a variety of sides, like chicken karaage with curry sauce, potato salad and fries -- all subject to availability, of course, or while stocks last.

According to two colleagues who tried the potato salad, "the potato salad nice."

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Their full menu here:

Photo by Tanya Ong.

Where and what time?


84 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre


Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-8pm

Closed on Mondays

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Top photo by Tanya Ong.