Food delivery rider shouts at 2 security guards at Marina One for 12 minutes over motorcycle parking

Time not well spent.

Belmont Lay | January 05, 2021, 03:59 PM

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A food delivery rider got into a heated argument with two security guards outside Marina One Show Gallery.

The incident, which happened at night, supposedly took place on Jan. 4, 2021.

The video was shot by the food delivery rider.

The first three-and-a-half minutes of footage are highlights.

The full video starts right after that.

Happened at night in Central Business District

The heated exchange is believed to have occurred along Marina Way after the rider was asked to move his motorcycle to the road parallel to the building.

His motorcycle was left parked diagonal to the building on the double yellow line on the short driveway leading to the building's drop-off point.

Marina Way in the day

The area appeared secluded during that time.

Throughout the 12-minute footage, the rider could be heard raising his voice multiple times and gesticulating with his free hand.

The two security guards remained professional and spoke in a calm manner.

What happened

The video started abruptly mid-argument, with the rider describing to one of the younger security guards the situation that had just occurred between him and the other security guard.

The rider could be heard demanding: "You answer me. No, no, no. What is your name first, you answer me?"

The younger security guard he was speaking to declined to provide his name.

The rider continued: "I from there, the security ask me to move outside. Okay? I move outside."

According to what the rider was saying, he had apparently moved his motorcycle from the pedestrian footpath to the road.

But the older security guard supposedly wanted the motorcycle moved to the road that ran parallel to the building.

The rider refused.

The rider then said he has been doing deliveries in the area "every single day" for more than two years, and has not encountered any issues previously.

The rider then told the older security guard he has been on the job for only three months.

The rider continued with his assertions and told the security guard: "Double yellow line is LTA's road. Inside is your private property."

He also told the security guards to go back to the building instead, which they are supposedly overseeing.

At one point the rider also said: "There is a grace period of 10 minutes."

In response, and unconvinced, the older security guard replied: "Are you sure?"

Argument over parking

Based on the video itself, it appeared that the entire quarrel was over the right place to park and the rider demanding the security guards to be more lenient, while not moving his ride a few metres backwards.

One portion of the conversation saw the rider insisting he is not blocking the entrance, as the security guards wanted the motorcycle moved a few more metres back to the side of the road.

Rider: "Go and look at the camera before you talk to me. Answer me this question. I'm going to send this video to the security head officer."

Security guard: "Sure, sure, sure. If you highlight this to our management as well and then let them decide."

Rider: "I already park outside what, ok?"

Security guard: "You're blocking the entrance."

Rider: "I not blocking the entrance. Eh the entrance is here, so big. How many metres, go and count. A bus can come in. You don't come and bullshit with me, ok?"

At two points in the video, cars could be seen pulling up at the drop-off point from the road the security guards and rider were standing beside.

Rider shows he was not blocking entrance

At another point in the video, the rider could be heard explaining how he was not blocking the entrance.

Rider: "I blocking the entrance ah? Eh hello? How come the car can go in? Answer me this question, I where got block the entrance. At least I never block the pathway. At least people still can walk. At least the wheelchair still can pass through."

Security guard: "But parking on the yellow line is already wrong."

Rider: "You ask me park outside what? Parking outside there is grace period from LTA 10 minutes ok?"

However, the rider also implied that the security guards could have been more lenient with their rules.

The rider said: "I have already given you face."

The rider also told the security guards that they are wrong with their policing.

The rider said: "This is the thing you say wrong. You don't understand LTA law."

Another rider intervenes

At one point, another security guard showed up but he did not want to be engaged in a conversation with the rider.

The rider had switched to speaking dialect to address the third security guard.

Shortly after, another rider appeared in the video in a bid to intervene and find out what was happening.

The other rider could be seen arriving some five minutes earlier to make a delivery on his motorcycle, which he moved to the road after being advised to do so by the older security guard.

The other rider stepped in apparently after he was done with his delivery, but was baffled by the situation, as he asked the rider filming: "So you send already?"

The rider filming said he had not made his delivery.

The other rider who had just arrived then moved off-camera, as the rider filming continued to engage with the younger security guard.

The rider then questioned the educational background of the younger security guard as he continued filming.

Rider: "What education you study? Answer me. What?"

Security guard: "Diploma."

Rider: "Your diploma never study at all. Frankly speaking."

The video ended shortly, with the two security guards walking away from the scene, and avoided further engaging with the rider filming.


A majority of the responses slammed the rider for being a nuisance.

However, there were also comments saying the security guards could have been more flexible by allowing the motorcycle to remain where it was as it was only for a short while at night.

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