Food delivery rider sent flying by turning car at Bukit Batok, rider's view likely blocked by car in yellow box

The rider appeared to be unable to cushion his fall.

Nigel Chua | January 08, 2021, 06:01 PM

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Roads marked with a yellow box can be hazardous to road users.

Road users are not allowed to stop their vehicles within these yellow boxes, as they are meant for vehicles to enter a road from a smaller side road when traffic is stationary.

One such yellow box became the scene of an unfortunate accident between a food delivery motorcyclist and a car.

According to Facebook page, the accident occurred along Bukit Batok Street 31, outside The Madeira condominium, just after 11am on Jan. 8.

A video of the incident shared online showed what happened moments before the collision.

A grey car with learner driver plates had duly stopped before the yellow box.

Just as the grey car begins to move forward slowly, a dark blue car coming from the opposite direction makes a turn into the yellow box towards the condominium.

The food delivery rider then enters the yellow box as well, and collided with the dark blue car.

The rider's view of the turning vehicle was likely blocked by the grey car.

The force of the collision caused the rider's white helmet to fly off his head, though it is likely that the helmet had not been properly secured.

The car that was hit was pushed sideways by the impact from the motorcycle.

The rider appeared to be unable to cushion his fall, as he landed with his arm extended outwards.

The momentum from the crash caused his body to flip forward, and he landed squarely on his back.

The rider is then shown kneeling on the ground clutching his head in pain, as the condominium's security guard and another man approached him.

Screenshot via

Who is to blame for the accident?

The motorcycle would appear to have the right of way in this case, as the turning car would have been responsible for ensuring that there was no oncoming traffic before executing the turn.

The road appears to split into two lanes after the yellow box, with one lane each for left-turning and right-turning vehicles.

The left lane which the motorcycle was heading towards appears to have been clear, meaning that the rider had no obligation to stop before the yellow box.

However, it is not clear from the footage whether the rider was within the speed limit, given the force of the impact, and the fact that he was unable to brake in time.

Commenters also highlighted the fact that the rider might not have been paying close attention to the road, as the blue car had nearly completed its turn at the point of impact.

While other commenters blamed the grey car for blocking the road and the rider's view, it is likely that it stopped where it did because the vehicles ahead of it had come to a halt at the traffic light at the end of the street.

Top image screenshot from on Facebook

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