Ex-SIA stewardess shows what her last flight from S'pore to Zurich amid Covid-19 was like


Tanya Ong | January 25, 2021, 10:42 AM

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A former Singapore Airlines stewardess, known as "Jeanette" on YouTube, has shared a vlog on her last flight with the airline.

The former stewardess said that she was doing this video as a "memory that (she) can keep for (herself)".

Her first and last flight, which was to Zurich, took place in July 2020.

She shared that she can only reveal this video after she has left Singapore Airlines due to the airline's policy.

Started her preparation at 3am

She showed herself getting ready at home at around 3am in the morning, and departing from Changi Airport. As she walked down the aerobridge lane for the last time, she said she was "nervous but excited".

Jeanette's World/YouTube

Jeanette's World/YouTube

En route to Zurich

During the flight, she managed to take a nap at the bunk beds, which she had to "pack up" once she was done using it and then touch up her hair and make-up before resuming her duties.

Jeanette's World/YouTube

She was seen wearing a face mask and goggles on what looked to be a really empty flight:

Jeanette's World/YouTube

"It's been tiring because I'm not used to the long hours anymore," she said, reflecting on the flight. "But it's been interesting!"

Upon reaching her hotel in Zurich, she said that she had to bid goodbye to all her friends as they "cannot leave the room at all".

She also said she's excited to go home, but hoped that there will not be any Covid-19 cases on her flight home.

Jeanette's World/YouTube

Room tour

She gave a tour of her hotel room, and shared her post-flight beauty routine. She also showed how she did her hair for work.

Jeanette's World/YouTube

According to her, the best part of the hotel room is an open-concept bathroom.

Finally, upon reaching home, she reflected on her two and a half years with the airline, saying that it's been a "really memorable experience".

Jeanette's World/YouTube

You can watch her full 18-minute video here:

Top photo via Jeanette's World/YouTube.

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