Pet dog killed in hit-&-run at Telok Kurau Rd, owner desperately seeking accident footage

RIP Leia.

Ashley Tan | January 25, 2021, 07:23 PM

One woman in Singapore is appealing for video footage of an alleged hit-and-run accident that killed her pet dog, Leia.

In a Facebook post, Sulin Lau shared details of the "brutal" accident which occurred on Jan. 23 at around 4pm, collated from various eyewitness statements.

What happened

Although the circumstances before the accident are unclear, Lau said that Leia was hit by a silver Toyota MPV in front of the FiveNine condominium, located along Lorong K Telok Kurau.

The car collided with Leia, causing a "loud bang". The 15kg dog flew 10 feet forward on the road, she described.

However, she claimed that the car did not stop, and continued driving forward, hitting Leia a second time and running over the creature.

The impact apparently dislodged the car's license plate.

The driver, upon realising this, then reversed past the fallen dog and parked on the other side of the road outside Veranda condo.

The driver exited his car to pick up his license plate. As a bystander approached him, he quickly re-entered his car and attempted to drive off.

The bystander however, blocked the driver from leaving the scene, and managed to retrieve the driver's details and snap a photo of his face and the car's license plate.

Here is a diagram Lau posted of the car's movements after the collision.

Photo from Sulin Lau / FB

Dog was only a year old

Lau is currently appealing for any video or dashcam footage as evidence in Leia's hit-and-run.

In her post, she stated that she had lodged a police report, but that video footage is required for a "formal investigation".

"Leia was a few days shy of one year old when she died on Saturday, moments after being crushed by a car," she said.

Photo from Sulin Lau / FB

You can read Lau's full post here.

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Top photo from Sulin Lau / FB