Couple in Taiwan removes mask to kiss for 5 minutes while blocking the train aisle

Kiss goodbye.

Karen Lui | January 20, 2021, 05:01 PM

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Social distancing and long-term mask wearing have imposed certain restrictions on how we express affection in public. A couple in Taiwan remains unfazed by the new norm, engaging in a long, passionate kiss on an express train in Taiwan.

A netizen documented the incident in a post on Taiwanese social networking platform Dcard:

"On the Tze-chiang limited express bus, I met a pair of weirdos in a tight embrace, kissing for at least 5 minutes. They continued to do so while blocking the aisle and not wearing their masks properly. If not for the fact that the man alighted at Zhongli station and the late arrival of the train conductor, the latter would have witnessed this embarrassing scene."

Photo via Apple Daily

Some of the comments that Apple Daily highlighted include:

"It wouldn't be that big a deal if there was no pandemic but it is a very crucial period now."

"I am really curious to know, wouldn't these people feel ashamed? How could they do such a thing in front of everyone in a public place?"

"The people around them must feel embarrassed"

"I have been sending messages to the hotline, the train conductor should arrive soon to deal with this matter."

"Young people! How wonderful it is to fall in love."

"Come on, even if you want to kiss, try to be a bit more discreet! Doesn't it look like a public performance if you do it at that spot?"

According to the Taiwan Railways Administration's regulations, all passengers have to wear a mask in the train cabins and train stations. If the passenger refuses to co-operate, the Railway Police Department will be notified to enforce regulatory compliance. If there is a violation of the law, the Railway Police Department will send the accused to the local government health department for further action.

For food or drink consumption, passengers can temporarily remove their mask to do so while ensuring physical barriers or safe distancing between themselves and others in public. Passengers are required to put their masks back after they are done.

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Top images by Apple Daily and Sean H. Yu on Wikipedia.