Certis clarifies no parking summons issued after man complains of parking warden at wake

The parking warden had responded to a complaint made by a member of public.

Syahindah Ishak | January 06, 2021, 06:41 PM

Certis has issued a statement to clarify that no parking summons were issued at a wake, following a public complaint from a Facebook user.

"Not obstructing traffic"

According to the post by one Jeremy Soohappy on Jan. 5, a parking warden had allegedly issued parking tickets to friends and relatives, as well as funeral vehicles who attended the wake.

The post added that the vehicles were "not obstructing traffic" in any way.

Soohappy went on to say,

"Where is his compassion? Deaths and funerals are unforeseen and inevitable, if given a chance, I believe those present would prefer not to see their loved one in this state.

I do understand that this uncle is doing his job, however as humans we should exercise compassion and understanding especially in times of grief and not blindly act without thinking."

The Facebook user also stated that staff from Promisedland Casket were doing their job during the wake and had to park there.

A video of the Certis officer accompanied the post.

No parking summons issued

Responding to queries from Mothership, Certis said that it is aware of the incident, which happened at Senja Road on Monday (Jan. 4) night.

The parking warden had responded to a complaint made by a member of public on vehicles which were parked illegally.

Certis added that the vehicles were subsequently removed by the owners and no parking summons had been issued.

"As the common enforcement services provider for HDB, Certis parking wardens regularly carry out checks on service roads and carparks. This is to ensure that they are unobstructed for the convenience and safety of the public."

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Top images from Jeremy Soohappy/FB.