Customer buys 200 abalones from Giant as they are only S$1 each

Chiong ah.

Karen Lui | January 25, 2021, 06:55 PM

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On Jan. 24, the sale of S$1 abalone at Giant supermarkets went viral on Facebook.

And naturally, the bargain prices attracted plenty of buyers.

One of them, Calvin Liew, 35, posted about the sale.

Liew, who lives in the Bukit Batok area, discovered that frozen thawed mini abalones were selling for S$1 at the Giant supermarket in a void deck.

He went to the supermarket three times to make the purchase, buying around 120 of them.

On Jan. 23, Liew told Lianhe Zaobao: "I saw that people on the Internet claiming that supermarkets were selling frozen thawed abalones for really cheap prices so I went to the Giant supermarket downstairs to check if it is true. One pack of six only costs S$6, that's really cheap."

Kept buying more

For his first purchase, Liew bought three packs, amounting to a total of 18 mini abalones.

When his friends heard about it, they asked him to buy 102 mini abalones for them.

He then went to the supermarket in the Jurong area to buy another 70 of them.

On Jan. 24, Liew commented in his original picture, sharing that he was queueing at IMM store for more abalones.

Liew said: "This type of abalone is a little small. Yesterday, my friend cooked rice soaked in ginseng chicken soup and added the abalone. She said it was very tender and has a good taste. Hence, I plan to cook instant noodles with the abalone."

Liew shared his experiences of buying the mini abalones on Facebook, and his post received many comments.

Price comparisons

Someone commented that the price was cheaper than Taiwan, while another replied that it was even cheaper in mainland China.

One user noted that mini abalones were selling for RM 2.80 to RM 3.80 (around S$0.92 to S$1.24) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, while another claimed that local rival supermarket chain Sheng Siong is also selling mini abalones for a cheap price.

Some people also shared their pictures of bougie instant noodles and other dishes that included the mini abalones.

Image via Darren Sean on Facebook

Image via May Tan on Facebook

Image via Xiao Wei on Facebook

Image via Kwan Chui Peng Nikiyohamasaki on Facebook

According to Zaobao, the mini abalones have completely sold out at the Giant supermarket outlet in Toa Payoh.

A staff member who wished to remain anonymous disclosed that despite only being launched for a few days, many people who have heard of it came down during the weekend to buy the mini abalones and the shelves are cleared every time they are restocked.

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Top images via Calvin Liew on Facebook.