Woman in S'pore orders 'tall, majestic' Xmas tree, gets tree that looks like it's having a bad day

Not ideal.

Tanya Ong | December 07, 2020, 05:29 PM

People have taken to decorating their homes with Christmas trees for some festive vibes this end-of-year season.

For one woman who recently ordered a Christmas tree, however, the vibes weren't so great.

Ordered Christmas tree

In her email, she told Mothership she had paid S$144 for a 4-5ft Christmas tree from Far East Flora, including delivery.

According to the website, their Christmas trees are marketed to be "tall, majestic", and various heights (according to the site, the height of the tree is measured "from the tip of tree top to the base of stand") are available.

It will also be the "best centrepiece of your holiday decorations", the website promised.

Here is a tree in particular, with a height of 4-5 ft:

Screenshot via Far East Flora.

The trees, which even come with a tree stand, are currently listed as "out of stock" on the website.

Expectations vs reality

Her order arrived on the morning of Dec. 7. Here it is:

Photo via Mothership reader.

A little bare at the top.

The tree, which did not look exactly the same as the one in the photo, did come with the aforementioned stand, though.

"2020 is a tough year," the Mothership reader wrote to us in an email. "But do you really need to... sell customers these kinda Christmas trees?"

It was also her first time buying a live tree, she said.

Tree is "healthy": Far East Flora

We have reached out to Far East Flora, who said that they are aware of the incident following their customer's feedback.

The Far East Flora spokesperson said they have apologised that the tree is "not as expected".

Far East Flora said they have processed a refund. The customer told us that they would collect her tree on Dec. 8, and there wasn't the option of exchange as they did not have other trees available.

Regarding the tree being "bare on the upper portion", the spokesperson also clarified that it is natural for most trees to have a "bare upper tip" since this is how trees grow.

"The length of tips and fullness of foliage may vary from tree to tree."

This tree in particular is healthy but just happens to have a long tip, they added.

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Top photo via Mothership reader.