Wang Wang Xiao Man Tou biscuit turned into cushion 30 times original size of snack

Why eat it when you can also smash your face on it?

Belmont Lay | December 14, 2020, 04:07 AM

Wang Wang Xiao Man Tou biscuit is a perennial favourite among everyone who grew up with or without the internet, as well as babies who are teething and need something to suck on.

Made from starch and milk powder, the crumbly snack that originates from Taiwan has that signature taste where it melts in your mouth and is highly addictive, because there is no such thing as just eating a few pieces and saving the rest for another day.

Turned into a cushion

To satisfy the insatiable appetite of Wang Wang snackers, the tiny Xiao Man Tou biscuit dome has now been blown up into a plump cushion -- 30 times the original size.

The cushion is like Anpanman without facial features.

Its squishiness is also undeniable.

Where to buy

The cushion has been packaged as part of the "Taiwan Want Want Happy Together Huge Variety Snacks Bag - Super Big Ball Cake" pack.

However, for those who can read traditional Chinese words, the package translates more to "Great Gift - Super Big Big Ball Cake" gift pack.

The pack also includes all-time favourites Want Want Crackers (旺旺小小酥) and Want Want Shelly Senbei (雪の月小雪餅).

The Taiwan Want Want Happy Together Huge Variety Snacks Bag – Super Big Ball Cake is priced at NT$349 (S$16.52) and sold online officially and Shopee Taiwan.

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All photos via Foody Taiwan