Former Cebu Pacific flight attendant sold gas cylinders after being retrenched during pandemic

Making the best of her situation.

Ashley Tan | December 04, 2020, 04:32 PM

A former air stewardess in the Philippines made the most of her unemployed situation by starting a new business with her boyfriend.

Lost her "dream job"

Maurice Maureen Avila used to be a flight attendant with Cebu Pacific airline.

She had started what she described as her "dream job" in 2017, according to her Facebook post.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the aviation industry, and Avila was retrenched in Sep. 2020 after working there for three years.

Photo from Maurice Maureen Avila / FB

In another post, she expressed how she had struggled with this turn of events, saying that she did not have her "wings" anymore.

Avila shared that for the two weeks after, she lost her appetite, and would cry herself to sleep day and night.

However, she eventually came to terms with her situation, and told herself not be ashamed that she had been retrenched.

Photo from Maurice Maureen Avila / FB

Avila thus decided to venture into a business with her boyfriend selling Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders.

According to Manila Bulletin, she is now feeling determined and excited with her new venture.

At the end of her post, she urged those who had similarly lost their jobs during the pandemic not to lose hope.

Photo from Maurice Maureen Avila / FB

Here she is, making the best of her situation.

Things appear to have solidly turned around though, as her latest Facebook post appears to suggest she is now working at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Top photo from Maurice Maureen Avila / FB