3000ml giant bottle, Corgi butt design massage pillow & other quirky items from S$8 on Taobao's 11.11 sale

Want to get extraordinary gifts with limited budget? Here you go.

Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | November 09, 2020, 07:58 PM

The much anticipated 11.11 sale is here.

Are you looking for interesting gifts for your loved ones? Or are you looking for something to reward yourself for surviving 2020?

Regardless who you are shopping for, you definitely should not miss out on Taobao’s 11.11 biggest one-day sale with over four million deals this year.

With a plethora of items on sale, one might get overwhelmed at where to even begin.

So here’s a list of some quirky yet useful items that we found on Taobao, which might warm the cockles of your hearts.

Do note that the prices can be subject to change without notice.

3000ml giant water bottle at RMB38.8 (~S$8)

Yes. 3000ml.

Staying hydrated is important whether you are staying indoors most of the time to “Netflix and chill” or an adventure seeker who enjoys hiking trips with friends every weekend.

Or if you know anyone who needs to be reminded of drinking sufficient amounts of water, here’s the perfect gift for him or her too.

Many of us would probably spend a lot more time at home because of the Covid-19 situation.

Here are some items that will make your house a more comfortable place to work in or to host mini gatherings with small groups of friends (not more than five, of course).

Sofa tatami in Christmas tree or fruit designs at RMB78 (~S$16)

These tatami seats with backrest come in five colourful and adorable fruit designs such as avocado, orange and peach. There’s also one Christmas tree design for the upcoming festive season.

You can place the seat on the floor or even use it as a cushion on another chair.

The inner cushion is removable and washable so it is easy to keep the seat clean and hygienic.

If you are looking for simpler designs, here’s an alternative:

Lananana foldable seat at RMB158 (~S$32)

These cushioned seats come in three pastel colours: Pink, green and grey. They are washable and foldable for easy storage.

Furthermore, the backrest can be adjusted to five different angles so you can relax at any posture that you prefer.

Corgi butt design massage pillow at RMB199 (~S$40.50)

Are you looking for some self-care product to soothe your stiff neck or body aches after long hours of sitting in front of the computer?

This Corgi butt design massage pillow on Taobao might be a useful buy that can help to relieve the discomfort.

It weighs around 1.4kg and is of the following dimensions: 430x160x300mm.

Besides the massage function, the pillow can also act as a heat pad which ladies can be placed on the lower abdomen area to help ease menstrual cramps.

The warming function will cease after every 15 minutes to ensure product safety.

One-person BBQ grill kit at RMB328 (~S$66.80)

With many countries experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 outbreak, surely not all of us are ready to go out and about.

But… what if you are craving for some Korean BBQ?

Well, this one-person BBQ grill kit will come in handy.

The entire BBQ grill kit consists of the fire starter, pot and grill plate.

Everything you need except the meat.

Here’s a demonstration of how it works:

The seller also carries a larger BBQ kit that is suitable for two to three people to share.

If you are thinking about having a charcoal BBQ grill outdoor, there is also a portable BBQ grill on sale:

Portable BBQ grill at RMB199 (S$40.50)

Other popular gift choices of late must be electronic appliances and there is also a good variety on Taobao at discounted prices.

Smart lunch box at RMB179 (~S$36)

This smart lunch box has three compartments and you warm the food up by plugging it into a power source without extra steps.

For those who bring lunch to work from home, this is a fuss-free method to enjoy warm and delicious home cooked meals.

Smart table lamp at RMB499 (~S$102)

Here’s one smart and sleek design table lamp that functions as a phone charger, phone holder and bluetooth speaker.

The table lamp comes in light wood and marble design.

5-in-1 sandwich maker at up to RMB268.80 (~S$55)

For those who enjoy cooking from home, this 5-in-1 sandwich maker has five types of detachable heating pans.

Apart from sandwiches, you can make waffles, donuts and even takoyaki balls with it in around three minutes.

The sandwich maker comes in pastel pink and green colours and does not take up much space with a dimension of 16cm x 26cm x 11cm.

Free shipping and other perks during Taobao 11.11 biggest one-day sale

Shoppers in Singapore are not unfamiliar with finding cheap thrills on Taobao, so why shop on 11.11?

Besides the discounted items you will also enjoy other perks that will sweeten the deal that is exclusive to Singapore, such as free Hongbaos to lower your spendings.

By switching your Taobao app location to Singapore, you can enjoy the following promotions from now till Nov. 11:

  1. Limited RMB111 (~S$22.60) sitewide hongbaos, Cainiao shipping hongbaos and free shipping hongbaos up for grab
  2. You can redeem limited RMB111 (~S$22.60) shipping hongbao with 1111 Cainiao points, RMB50 hongbao with 1000 points, RMB25 (~S$5) hongbao with 500 points, RMB5 (~S$1) hongbao with 100points.
  3. RMB111 hongbao on Taobao up for grab for new Cainiao users daily between 12pm and 12am
  4. RMB40 (~S$8) off every RMB300 (~S$61) spent on participating Tmall shops
  5. RMB50 (~S$10) off every RMB1000 (~S$203) spent on participating Taobao shops
  6. Free international shipping with minimum RMB299 (~S$61)
  7. Free local delivery from Taobao SG Mart local sellers, with no minimum spending required.

Existing Taobao users who read till the end of this Mothership article (tyvm!), here’s a promo code for you: MOTB70

This exclusive code can get you RMB70 (~S$14) off for a minimum spending of RMB699 (!S$142) on Nov. 11, 00:00h - 23:59h.

For all new users on Taobao, you can get RMB50 (~S$10) off for a minimum spending of RMB100 (!S$20) on Nov. 11, 00:00h - 23:59h, with this promo code: 1111NEW50.

Do remember that these perks are only applicable to in-app orders and for Singapore addresses used at checkout. And fastest fingers first!

So start previewing the deals on Taobao from now on and add them to your cart before checking out on Nov. 11.

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