Dawson HDB features sleek architecture, loft units & rooftop sky gardens

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Darryl Laiu | November 22, 2020, 09:21 PM

People tend to think of the [email protected] when they think of HDBs with sleek modern architecture.

Now they can add [email protected] to that association.

Image from Muieetoysfoodiary/IG.

Photo via SCDA Architects

Photo via SCDA Architects

Novel design

[email protected] was a project by SCDA Architects. They were commissioned by HDB in 2008 to explore new possibilities in public housing design in Singapore.

The apartments were designed to embody three ideas: housing in a park, connectivity to surroundings, and multi-generational living.

Completed in 2015, the HDB features a "stacked" design similar to that of the Interlace in Queenstown or Sky Habitat in Bishan.

At set intervals between floors, you can also find rooftop gardens.

Image via screenshot from jiaauunnn C/YouTube.

Image via screenshot from jiaauunnn C/YouTube.

The building won multiple awards for its design, including the Royal Institute of British Architects Award (RIBA) for international excellence in 2016.

Multi-generational living

[email protected] consists of five towers ranging from 40 to 43 stories.

The building features loft units that come with a connecting studio apartment that can be accessed from the mezzanine floor, to facilitate multi-generational living.

Image via screenshot from AffinityMotions.

Image via screenshot from AffinityMotions.

Only the loft units in the development have this adjoining apartment feature. The rest of the units in the block have a more standard HDB layout.

Image from msofian/IG.

Image from msofian/IG.

According to SRX, prices range from about S$700,000 to more than S$1 million, depending on the size of the unit.


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Top image adapted from muieetoysfoodiary/IG and jiaauunnn C/YouTube.