Happy customer reviews pros & cons of new S'pore car rental Shariot with prices from S$1/hour

Glowing review.

Belmont Lay | November 21, 2020, 05:03 AM

A happy customer satisfied with using new car rental app Shariot has taken to Facebook to post a glowing review of his experience.

What is Shariot?

For the uninitiated, Shariot is a new car-sharing service in Singapore officially launched on Oct. 6, 2020, offering short-term vehicle rentals from as low as S$1 per hour during off-peak hours.

In its initial phase, Shariot will operate with a fleet of more than 250 cars, in over 85 heartland locations across Singapore, with plans to roll out to more locations in the future.

Shariot's fleet of vehicles are located island-wide, and can be accessed at HDB car parks, which are typically minutes away from selected MRT stations throughout Singapore.

The company operates on a A-to-A return trip car-sharing model.

Users will have to pick up and return the vehicles to the reserved parking lots within the same car park where they have retrieved it from.

Users will be allowed to drive the vehicles into Malaysia, with an additional S$20 entry fee.

Pets are allowed in Shariot cars.

Membership is free.

But a S$100 deposit is needed.

Customer's review of Shariot

According to the happy customer, this was what he shared, edited for clarity:

Generally, Shariot is worth it if:

- walking distance from your house is not far (check availability using your postal at their apps)

- using it during odd hours where there is no public transport

- going to places with fewer public transport options, such as Seletar or the Singapore Zoo

- going to buy lot of things, such as from IKEA

- ferrying more people (family, friends)

- wanting more convenience to visit several places within a day

- going for supper (S$1/hour)

- travelling on rainy days


- Hourly rental starts from S$3 to S$10 (S$1 is for 12am to 6am 🧐🤔). Cheaper than other car rental schemes out there. No price differences between weekdays and weekends.

- ERP will be paid by the driver

- Parking as per regular charges

- Petrol 92-95 (13km to 20km per liter x total km of usage)

- Generally no other hidden charges. Insurance is optional.


- S$100 refundable deposit

- 2 years Singapore licence or more than 2 years in Singapore (if you have Malaysia licence, it’s not difficult to convert to Singapore license).

- Shariot approved licence despite Singapore licence being less than 1 year, taking into account latest Malaysia license

Things to take note:

- No car key needed. Phone used to lock/ unlock car. Always carry a power bank.

- Late penalty of S$10 per 15 minutes applies. Always plan buffer time for your trip or extend it if you can’t make it in time.

- Penalty S$30 if your petrol is less than one-quarter tank. Pump petrol at the beginning of your trip as it will take time for the fuel gauge to be effective.

- Most of the cars are new as Shariot has just launched for about one month.

- Don’t speed! Cameras everywhere.


- Cheap!

- Rent a car within 15 minutes.

- Cars are still very new.

- Keyless: Use app to lock and unlock car

- Very responsive online chat


- Beware of penalty late return and insufficient petrol.

- A must to book early for weekend usage.

- No hotline to call.