10-week-old puppy in S'pore that is scared of hair dryers & vacuum cleaners looking for forever home

Adopt, don't shop.

Zhangxin Zheng | November 19, 2020, 10:17 AM

Animal welfare group, Save Our Street Dogs Singapore, is seeking a forever home for one young puppy named Marlin.

10-week-old Marlin is described to be "very social, affectionate and people-friendly".

Hello Marlin, nice to meet you.

via SOSD Singapore/Facebook.

Social and affectionate pup

Marlin is currently staying with its foster dad.

It apparently wags its tail, hugs and kisses him every morning.

As a high-energy puppy, it is also "friendly with all people and most dogs".

Marlin is pretty intelligent and has learnt to sit and "shake hands".

If you notice, there's something interesting about Marlin -- its ears either droop or prick up depending on its mood.

via SOSD Singapore/Facebook.

Things for future pawrent to note of

If you are interested to adopt Marlin, here are some things to take note of

Marlin eats four meals a day and its diet consists of full cream lactose free milk and dry puppy food.

Being a young puppy also means it has bouts of high energy and its pawrent(s) would need to walk Marlin to expend its energy.

Marlin is still learning on the pee pad.

As the foster dad works from home during Covid-19, Marlin might be used to constant human presence but is okay to be left alone for a short period of time.

SOSD Singapore said that Marlin would sometimes whine at night before sleeping.

Marlin does not really bark but might bark or growl to get your attention.

As a teething puppy, Marlin likes to chew on things too.

Marlin is also afraid of hair dryers and vacuum cleaners.

Perhaps due to the loud noise?

via SOSD Singapore/Facebook.

The Facebook post did not state if Marlin is HDB-approved.

But if you are interested, you can contact SOSD Singapore via here.

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Top image via SOSD Singapore/Facebook