Driver uses own car to block SBS Transit bus from hitting elderly man crossing road too slowly

So close.

Belmont Lay | November 05, 2020, 05:26 PM

An elderly man crossing the road in Singapore almost became another statistic if not for the quick-thinking actions and situational awareness of one driver.

A video put up on Facebook showed the incident unfold from the moment the driver in a car spotted an elderly man crossing the road illegally and too slowly, to the moment the bus came to a halt.

The incident, according to the post, occurred at the junction of Sims Avenue and Eunos Road 2.

Elderly man in blind spot

The elderly man can be seen crossing the road slowly and illegally from the right to left in the video.

There was no pedestrian crossing at that particular road.

He started crossing when the traffic lights were showing red, except for the green left arrow that came on, allowing cars to turn left.

But the rest of the lights turned green when the elderly man was barely halfway across the road.

The vehicles on the road gave way to him by letting him cross before moving off.

Bus on left-most lane appears

However, as seen from the rear camera footage, a SBS Transit bus travelling on the left-most lane appeared and did not have any intention of slowing down as the road was clear.

The bus risked hitting the elderly man who was obscured and likely in the bus driver's blind spot, as he was still crossing the road.

The car recording the video footage immediately filtered left as the bus was approaching, in an attempt to slow it down by making the bus driver assume the car was cutting out of lane.

The bus did come to a complete halt as the elderly man appeared in frame.

The elderly continued to cross the road and live another day to cross another road slowly and illegally.

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