Same middle-aged pervert spotted nudging woman seated beside him on MRT after boarding at Yishun

Same sling bag and slippers.

Belmont Lay | November 19, 2020, 04:33 AM

The same middle-aged man, who cannot keep his limbs to himself, has been spotted pulling off the same tactic of pretending to sleep, but using his elbow to nudge a woman seated beside him on the MRT train.

The man's antics were first exposed on Nov. 16 after he was called out by a fellow male commuter on the MRT train who witnessed what happened.

The middle-aged man was said to have been pretending to sleep while his hand moved beside and under the rear of the woman seated next to him, who appeared to have been trying to avoid contact.

After the middle-aged man was called out by the male commuter, he continued to keep his eyes close but moved away.

The male commuter who intervened was hailed as a Good Samaritan by the public.

Not the first or only time

8 World reported that a member of the public subsequently came forward and provided video evidence allegedly of the same middle-aged man pulling off a similar stunt on the MRT train earlier.

The reader had seen the news of the middle-aged man being called out on Nov. 16, and she recalled personally witnessing something similar previously.

What happened in new video that surfaced

According to the woman, who took the video of the incident on Nov. 3 at about 1pm, she was unsure at that time if the man was doing what he was doing on purpose, which was why she took the video to show her friends.

She said she found the man looking suspicious in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio, after he got on the train at Yishun MRT station on the North South Line.

The eyewitness told 8 World: "At that time, I found that the uncle was very strange. He put on earphones and closed his eyes to sleep, but his hands kept moving, and he was using his elbow to touch the chest of a female commuter next to him."

"No one came up to tell him off. He closed his eyes like he was taking a short break, not like he was sleeping soundly."

Unable to confirm if what she was seeing was really out of the ordinary and wrong, she continued observing him and eventually took a video of what she saw.

Same man

Based on the two videos, the middle-aged man can be seen carrying the same black cross-body bag and wearing the same round-toed slippers.

The eyewitness said the female commuter in the Nov. 3 incident eventually gave up her seat to a woman in her 50s, and that was when the middle-aged man stopped his actions.

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