Man who visited sex worker in Geylang tried to 'dine & dash', jailed 5 weeks

He pleaded guilty to reckless driving, which endangered the lives of the sex worker and three others who tried to stop him.

Julia Yeo | November 27, 2020, 06:21 PM

After engaging a sex worker for her services, a 35-year-old man tried to slip away without paying, but was chased down by the sex worker, two other men, and another woman at a car park in Geylang.

Man jailed for reckless driving after running away without paying sex worker

The four tried to stop the man from driving off in his car, but the man attempted to force his way through, driving over the sex worker's toes and collided into the woman present at the scene.

The man pleaded guilty to reckless driving causing endangerment to others, and was sentenced to five weeks' jail, according to Lianhe Wanbao.

The incident happened on Oct. 14, 2019, after the man contacted the 32-year-old sex worker through an online advertisement.

The two agreed on a price of S$120, and met at Min Wah Hotel in Geylang around 8pm.

However, after engaging her services, the man refused to pay and dashed off from the hotel room to the car park.

Three others tried to stop man from leaving carpark

Unwilling to be ripped off, the sex worker chased after the man to the car park, only to find two other men and another woman trying to stop him from leaving as well.

Apparently, the three others were trying to collect a debt from the man.

It was not elaborated in court what the man owed the other people.

Man drove over sex worker's toes, ran over another woman

Ignoring the four of them, the man quickly hopped into his car and started the engine.

The four people proceeded to use their bodies to block the car's path, preventing him from leaving.

However, the man continued to drive off despite them standing in his way, driving over the sex worker's toes and brushing against her elbow.

He also ran over the other woman present before driving off, but the woman was uninjured.

The sex worker decided not to go to the hospital for her injuries, but reported the incident to the police the next day.

A CCTV recording of the incident was played in court, which showed the man driving directly into them.

The man, who pleaded guilty to his charge, was sentenced to five weeks in prison.

Top image via Google Maps