Coco Lee gets flak from Chinese netizens for mouthing 'I'm from S'pore' in TikTok video

It was a dub.

Siti Hawa | November 17, 2020, 04:56 PM

Chinese netizens are unhappy with Coco Lee over a TikTok video.

The singer shared a video of her mouthing "I'm from Singapore" on Chinese social media site Douyin on Nov. 10, reported Sina Entertainment.

It was also shared on Lee's Facebook page.

For the uninitiated, Douyin is commonly regarded as the Chinese version of Tiktok.

The video

The 11-second video starts off with Lee mouthing the words "I'm from Singapore" before she and her sister Nancy begin dancing to the K-pop song Abracadabra.

Photo via Sina Entertainment

"Are you Chinese? Or Singaporean?"

Though the short 11-second video mainly showed Lee dancing with her sister, that particular sentence did not sit well with some viewers, who felt that Lee did not acknowledge her birthplace.

This is despite the fact that the sentence is a sound effect from the track, and similarly mouthed by other users who have danced to it.

Some questioned whether the singer was from Singapore or China and asked "Are you Chinese? Or Singaporean?":

Photo via Sina Entertainment

The singer took the time to reply the comment, saying that she is from Hong Kong, China.

According to Sina Entertainment, users praised the response and said that "The goddess is really domineering."

Others added that those who wrote the nasty comments had "nothing better to do."

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Top photos via Sina Entertainment