Videographer in S'pore films baby otters running & derping in slow motion as they bang into one another

So cute.

Belmont Lay | November 21, 2020, 02:56 PM

What is cuter than cute?

Baby otters running and derping into one another at the same time in Singapore in slow motion with their webbed paws slapping the pavement:

The cute footage is courtesy of Bernard Lau, a videographer who has been chronicling wildlife on this tiny island set in the sea.

The slow motion clip of running otters was uploaded to Lau's Facebook page, with no mention of the exact location of where the otter pups were spotted, as per usual practice to dissuade crowds from showing up at the spot.

To shoot the short video was effortful though.

The superior videography skills was due to Lau's use of a gimbal to hold the shot steady and keeping up with the running otter pups "with a few telephoto lenses and tripod" on his back.

Newest otter pups

It has been reported that the Bishan otter family has six new pups recently.

They made their appearance when they were nine weeks old.

According to astute otter-watching community Ottercity, this is the Bishan matriarch otter's seventh litter.

Some of the pups were seen eating flowers and exploring Singapore with their mother.

Ottercity also wrote that this current generation of pups is the Bishan otter mum's third litter with her second mate, nicknamed Scarface, after the passing of legendary Bishan dad.

Top photo via Bernard Lau video