S'pore green groups hope primate scientist Andie Ang can be considered for NMP

Three candidates were nominated at the virtual town hall and Ang had the most number of votes.

Zhangxin Zheng | November 19, 2020, 02:25 PM

The deadline for members of the public to nominate individuals to be considered for Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs) is on Monday, Nov. 23.

Close to 100 people from the local green groups gathered for a virtual town hall on Nov. 15 to nominate an NMP candidate environment that can lend a voice on environmental issues in Parliament.

Town hall held to nominate someone from the green community for NMP

The call for an NMP who can focus on environmental issues comes amid climate change concerns, which have been recognised as an "existential threat" to Singapore as a low-lying city-state.

More people, especially the youths, have also become more aware and concern for the environment in recent years.

The town hall was attended by two former NMPs from the Nature Society, Geh Min (2005-2006) and Faizah Jamal (2012-2014).

Geh and Faizah shared their views on the importance of having NMPs who advocate for the environment and their past experiences in Parliament.

While any members of the public can nominate NMP candidates, the organisers of the town hall hope to rally behind one candidate so that the Special Select Committee of Parliament can consider this person who has support from the green groups.

At the end of the town hall, which lasted around two hours, three candidates were nominated:

  1. Vandana Khialani, an adjunct lecturer who wishes to improve environmental education in Singapore
  2. Andie Ang, a primate researcher who wishes to highlight the importance of protecting local biodiversity and natural heritage
  3. Nor Lastrina Hamid, an active and long-time volunteer in the environment scene with a primary interest in climate issues

Andie Ang gains the most votes from green community

Out of 493 responses registered online, Ang garnered the most number of votes.

Close to 50 per cent of those who voted cast their vote to Ang.

Ang said that she wishes to focus on the following issues if she were to be elected as NMP:

  1. Advocating for nature-based and science-based solutions to tackle climate issues
  2. Green transformation of businesses and practices through diversification and sustainable production
  3. Incorporating nature education into the mainstream curriculum
  4. Advocating for greater transparency and stakeholder engagement in land-use decisions

Ang also said that she would work with other NMPs to address issues in the context of climate change:

"The nine NMPs will represent different sectors, including some of the ones you highlighted here. Together, we can examine, understand, and incorporate perspectives so as to find synergy to tackle the issue of inclusivity, equality, access, and needs in the context of climate and environmental action."

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Top image via Andie Ang Twitter and Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook.