Hawker behind Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake passes away from cancer

Rest in peace.

Siti Hawa | November 19, 2020, 11:07 AM

One of the hawkers behind Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake at Telok Blangah Crescent Market has passed away.

The popular family-run stall that has been operating for the past 45 years.

The stall is managed by three brothers, Teo Boon How, 65, Teo Boon Heng, 63, and Teo Boon Seng, 60, and Boon How's three sons, reported 8 Days.

Unfortunately, Boon How passed away on Nov. 16, after battling intestinal cancer for two years.

In a Facebook post, Boon How's 28-year-old daughter, Teo Yun Xuan, expressed her gratitude to customers and thanked them for their support.

She added that the family would "keep the business running for as long as [they] can".

The stall's history

Photo via Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake 亚文手工鱼饼 on Facebook

According to 8 Days, it all began when the three brothers inherited the stall from their mother, who started her own business after moving out of the kampong in the 1970s.

The stall is well known for its fried handmade fishcakes, fishballs, tau kwa and more.

Photo via Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake 亚文手工鱼饼 on Facebook

The family also owns three stalls with the same name located the market, where they sell the ingredients raw for those who want to cook it at home.

The younger men make the fishcakes by hand at the stall, while the older men make the fishballs using a machine.

Yun Xuan also explained to 8 Days the effort that goes behind running the stall:

"Handmade stuff is not a one-man-show. My father always told me the ‘mouthfeel’ for handmade and machine-made fishcakes is very different."

She added that her brothers would "wake up at midnight to go to work".


Photo via Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake 亚文手工鱼饼 on Facebook

Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake offers a variety of items on its menu ranging from Nasi Lemak to a variety of fishcakes:

  • Nasi Lemak (S$1.80)
  • Fishcakes (S$1.20)
  • Chilli Fishcakes (S$1.20)
  • Fried Tau Kwa (Tofu) (S$0.80)
  • Saba Fish (S$7)

According to the store, the fishballs and fishcakes are free from preservatives and colouring.

The store will be closed temporarily, and will resume on either Nov. 24 or 25.

Follow their Facebook page for the latest update.

You can also opt to order online here.

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Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake

Address: #01-125 Telok Blangah Crescent Market, 11 Telok Blangah Crescent, Singapore 090011 (temporarily closed)

Opening hours: 7am to 12pm

Top photos via Ah Boon Handmade Fishcake 亚文手工鱼饼 on Facebook