Razer launching new prepaid card that lights up at payment, with no capped limit for cashback

All the bells and whistles.

Mandy How | October 06, 2020, 09:37 PM

Razer Fintech, a subsidiary of Razer Inc, has announced the Razer Card.

Photo via Razer Fintech

The tech company has collaborated with Visa to provide the prepaid solution.

Users can sign up for the virtual card at no cost.

Photo via Razer Fintech

To upgrade to the Standard or Premium physical card, however, you will likely have to pay, although the amount has yet to be revealed.

Here are some of the card's features:

  • Make digital payments where Visa is accepted, including online, in-store, contactless and chip transactions.
  • No minimum spend and no capped limit for cashback (both virtual and physical cards)

    • One per cent for purchases made across categories
    • Up to five per cent on RazerStore and Gold purchases

  • Gamified rewards system through the Razer Pay app
  • Numberless-designed physical cards that light up upon payment

Photo via Razer Fintech

Photo via Razer Fintech

The card will require you to use Razer Pay, which is the company's business-to-consumer e-wallet.

Sign up as a beta tester

Photo via Razer Fintech

Prior to its official launch, the card will be made available to 1,337 selected users from now till Dec 31, 2020.

This is a beta testing program where can experience both the virtual and physical cards and provide feedback for product enhancement before its public release.

To incentivise active testing, beta testers will enjoy 10 per cent cashback on RazerStore and Razer Gold purchases, as well as a slew of gamified rewards, where testers complete tasks to redeem Razer gear and free card upgrades.

To find out more or sign up as a beta tester, visit the Razer website.

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Top image via Razer Fintech