Locals in 'red zone' Johor urged to keep Covid-19 numbers down to reopen borders to S'pore

Numbers up, borders up.

Guan Zhen Tan | October 31, 2020, 08:36 PM

Johorians have been urged by its leaders to stay responsible to fight Covid-19 so that Singapore can reopen the border with Johor Bahru (JB).

Red zone

JB was declared a red zone on Oct. 29, after it had exceeded 40 cases over a two-week time period.

In Malaysia, an area is considered a red zone when it records 41 cases or more within two weeks.

A green zone is an area with zero cases, while a yellow zone has 1 to 40 cases.

Most of the reported cases in JB were caused by clusters among family members and at workplaces, with three active clusters.

The New Straits Times reported that a total of 376 education institutions have been ordered to close for two weeks (Nov 1 to 14).

Johor health and environment committee chairman R Vidyananthan said that the situation is under control in Johor, but an increase in cases is expected in the near future due to greater surveillance.

Johorians urged to cooperate for borders to open

According to The Straits Times, authorities urged citizens in JB to comply with measures, fearing that being declared a red zone would push back arrangements to open borders with Singapore.

Johor MCA Government Affairs coordinating chairman Michael Tay commented that it was "not good", and urged everyone to maintain social distancing and wearing masks when out and about.

He warned that if a conditional movement control order (MCO) were to be enacted in JB, they would be in "serious trouble".

Johor Baru Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Low Kueck Shin commented that businesses would be majorly affected if the situation does not improve, and urged everyone comply with the measures.

"Sacrifices such as limiting unnecessary travels must be made", Low said.

Top image via Rachel Ng

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