Cyclist brushes side of taxi along Clemenceau Ave & tumbles off while filtering lanes

The cyclist lost his balance and tumbled off the bike.

Ashley Tan | October 28, 2020, 05:31 PM

A cyclist and taxi collided after the former attempted to filter quickly between lanes.

A video posted to Facebook page captured the accident, which took place on Oct. 28 in the morning.

Filters to first lane

In the short clip, the cyclist was seen moving along the left side of Clemenceau Ave.

After cycling past some roadworks, he attempts to filter to the first lane without signalling.

However, a fast-moving taxi appears.

The taxi can be seen braking hard, but the cyclist does not appear to notice the incoming vehicle and promptly brushes the side of the taxi.

The cyclist can then be seen losing his balance and tumbling off the bike.

You can watch the full video here.

Many accidents involving cyclists and other vehicles

A number in the comments section placed the blame on the cyclist, stating that he did not signal when he filtered lanes.

However, some others said that he did not do so as he might not have seen the incoming taxi.

The user also pointed out that the taxi was moving at quite a fast speed.

There have been numerous videos of accidents or near-accidents involving cyclists circulating on social media.

The rising occurrence of large groups of cyclists dangerously riding on expressways also prompted the Singapore Cycling Federation to voice their concerns on their Facebook in August.

SCF appealed to riders to avoid joining such group rides, and said that authorities would be stepping up surveillance and enforcement operations soon.

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Top photo from / FB